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Episode 10: Nō Studios / New Perspectives

Episode 10 found us in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with Lisa Caesar of Nō Studios. Nō is a destination for creatives and art lovers. By striving to be a for-profit business that serves an artist community and weaving social justice into everything they do, Nō Studios is unique and has chosen a path that is not easy. It's an amazing space, and there are events happening all the time, a bar on the first floor, a private screening room, upstairs event space, rooftop deck... in a word, it's cool.

This week, we revamped the website a bit to make everything load faster and have a more consistent look and feel on mobile. We also released our first show transcript, which is intended to make it easier for individuals who are hearing impaired to still catch our show. I've been reading a lot about diversity, equity and inclusion lately, and I realize that, while I have a lot to learn, it starts with an intention to become more aware and to take action when and in whatever way we can.

This post is a companion to Episode 10 of Appreciation Nation, which you can find in your favorite podcast app:

Appreciation Nation Challenge (ANC) #10: Broaden Your Tent

In this week's episode, Lisa invites us to take in a different point of view - really take it in, not just pay lip service. In the spirit of that, here are the rules:

  1. Prepare. Get yourself into the right mindset. In this exercise, it's not about being right or convincing someone of your point of view. It is simply about listening. Your own opinion doesn't need to change one bit as a result of going through this Challenge. However, to serve this Challenge with the best intent, you want to avoid being resistant to an alternate point of view.

  2. Find. Get into a space where you can meet with someone who is likely to have a different belief about an issue that may be an important one for you. You're not looking for a fight, but you are looking for an opportunity to meet someone whose opinion might differ from yours significantly.

  3. Invite. Start the conversation by simply asking the person to share. It could be as simple as, "I understand we might have different points of view on ____. Can you share your thoughts about it?"

  4. Listen. Just listen. Really listen. Resist the urge to defend your belief or find holes in the person's presentation. Sometimes the greatest gift we can give to others in the world is our active listening.

That's it. That's the Challenge. Just listen. You can ask genuine questions from a curious place, but avoid questions that originate from a place of conflict within you - those are more likely to be argumentative questions.

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Links / Mentions:

  • Nō Studios - definitely check out their Events page if you're in the area, or just drop by for a cocktail at the bar and meet some interesting people. Everyone is welcome.

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