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Episode 14: Michael Arterberry / Live Consciously

Michael Arterberry is a "Master Encourager" and the Executive Director and Founder of Youth Voices Center. This episode is full of rich and entertaining stories that will inspire you and offer tools and questions for personal growth.

Michael's story of the farmer and the donkey - bringing energy from your experiences to other people - developing the curriculum for Power of Peace workshops - telling your story - the role of sports in creating a sense of family - using anger to your benefit - living your life in an authentic way - "the way I leave you, is what I want you to feel" - making movies from the things you've endured - taking a .45 to great grandma's house - Michael feeds himself spiritually, mentally and physically every day ("mind, body and soul") - the rewards are the fruits of your labor when you live a selfless life - failure is always being the student - the 'concentric circles' activity: 5 questions to bring us together and frame our stories - being your kids' hero - challenge to live a conscious life

"When you are transparent, and you really let people see behind the curtain, there is nothing more powerful than that." - Michael Arterberry

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"[The] teacher can never stop being the student. Anything that does not work out becomes a life lesson... Failure is always being the student." - Michael Arterberry

Appreciation Nation Challenge (ANC) #14: Live Consciously

Michael challenges us to live a conscious life. Here are the rules:

  1. Quiet. Quiet yourself. Remind yourself to take time each day to the focus away from your worries, plans and ruminations in an intentional way.

  2. Listen. Listen for the rhythms of life that many people cannot see. Become conscious to what other people.

  3. Follow. Open your "radar." Your intuition will guide you when someone needs support.

  4. Acknowledge. Reach out to someone and acknowledge them. Don't try to solve their problem. Try the simple words: "It looks like your heart is a little heavy."

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Links / Mentions:

  • Michael's Website - motivational speaker, author, workshop leader, Master Encourager and more.

  • - empowers teens with its multi-level, two day intensive workshops, that unite peers and teachers alike.

  • LinkedIn - Michael's personal profile.

  • Facebook - Michael's personal Facebook profile.

  • Be Encouraged Facebook Group - request to join.

  • Thomas Edison - When asked about it, Edison allegedly said, "I have not failed 1,000 times. I have successfully discovered 1,000 ways to not make a light bulb."

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