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Episode 8: B-1 / Wellness and Compassion

Cally Burkle spoke with us about the evolution of health and wellness in the rural U.S. It was interesting to learn about the challenges involved with building a progressive business in a more conservative area, particularly when in comes to CBD products, which are not legal in all states at this time.

This post is a companion to Episode 8 of Appreciation Nation, which you can find on our homepage or your favorite podcast app.

Here are some of the highlights of Cally's perspective on the personal journey of wellness and the evolutionary journey of being an entrepreneur:

  • On success and failure... "You're going to win some, and you're going to lose some ... Not everything you do is going to stick."

  • As an entrepreneur, sometimes the mere thought of your business down to its last hundred dollars or some other crazy entrepreneurial story is enough to make you not just get out of bed, but jump out of bed.

  • Celebrate your successes, and don't think too much into the failures.

Appreciation Nation Challenge (ANC) #8: Compassion for the Business Owner

This week's Challenge has two potential paths. Here are the rules:

Path A: Customer service "issue" / don't judge the business owner

In this scenario, you find yourself in a position in which you are unhappy with something about a business or service situation.

  1. Pause. When you find yourself in an unpleasant product or service experience, stop for a moment and just note that you're in the situation. Delay your reaction to allow yourself to reset.

  2. Imagine. View the situation and the business as a whole through the lens of the person who owns or operates it. Imagine what it might be like to be responsible for all the pieces of this business, including all the hidden pieces you never see.

  3. Respond. Handle the situation with greater understanding. That doesn't mean not to register a complaint or ask for the issue to be resolved, but it

Path B: Great service experience / share your appreciation

In this scenario, you have a great experience with a product or service at a small business.

  1. Recognize. See the situation and realize that exceptional service experiences should be appreciated.

  2. Express. Share your appreciation with the owner or a member of the team. People really feel happier when they know their work makes a difference.

  3. Review. Leave a review. In the era of social media, online reviews matter a lot. Take a few extra minutes to leave a kind review for the business.

As always, please share your Challenge experience with the kula by joining the Facebook group at

Links / Mentions:

  • B-1 Yoga - awareness, connection and growth of mind, body and spirit in Dubuque, IA.

  • B-1 Hemp - offering CBD-based products.

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