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Forward Cider / Best Foot Forward

Alec and the team at Forward make all-natural dry ciders in a barn up in Myra, Wisconsin. It's a small, humble beginning, with Alec as the primary cidermaker and a co-founder who works on marketing and branding. He calls it a "one-man show," and there's some long, difficult, cold hours out in the barn, but it's all worth while. This episode highlights the passion a young entrepreneur rediscovers every day as he's tackling the things he knows, like making great cider, as well as the things he doesn't, like town zoning and fundraising.

This post is a companion to Episode 9 of Appreciation Nation, which you can find in your favorite podcast app:

Appreciation Nation Challenge (ANC) #9: Slow Down and Appreciate Life

Reflect on being alive. Stop and give thanks for just being here. Maybe it's a journal entry. What's making you happy? How can you inspire others? How can you be "in the moment" more? This week's Challenge is about taking some time out of the day to appreciate life and let yourself get slowed down just a bit.

Two possibilities for this week's Challenge:

  • Path A: Journal. Start a daily written gratitude journal, if you don't already have one.

  • Path B: Connect. Make a gratitude connection by letting someone in your life know that you're grateful for them.

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